Since 1999, Proxylab has been active in the development and sale of scientific products and devices designed for research in the field of molecular and cellular biology.

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Serving life science since 1999

Our products

Cell culture and microscopy

As an exclusive dealer for ibidi in Belgium,  we provide a complete range of tools, devices and reagents for cell culture and high resolution or life microscopy including µ-slides and µ-dishes for immunofluorescence, µ-slides for wound healing, chemotaxis, angiogenesis or flow assays, µ-dishes for high throughput applications as well as stage top incubators for an accurate control of physiological conditions during life microscopy.

Cryogenic equipment

µCryo is a complete range of devices for low and ultra-low temperature storage of your precious samples including: cryoboxes, racking systems for ultra-low freezers, cryogloves, LN2 tanks,…

Molecular biology equipment

We provide a complete range of state of the art equipment and reagents from most renowned manufacturers for molecular biology laboratories including: gel electrophoresis apparatus, UV transilluminators, imaging systems, …

General Laboratory Equipment

As an exclusive dealer in the Benelux for catalogue Labo Moderne as well as selected dealer for DLab equipment we provide high quality products including: shakers, liquid handling, hot plates and magnetic stirrers, mixers and rotators, overhead stirrers, rotary evaporators, centrifuges,…


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Rue du Bosquet, 8 – 7970 Beloeil – Belgium

Phone : +32 (0)69 58 00 04
E-mail : info@proxylab.be
TVA : BE0465.656.913

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